Full Outsourcing - On-Demand Capacity

Stakeholder Comments

Our teams can help reduce the workload of your highly skilled specialists:

Stakeholder comments can be sorted by areas of concern.

Similar and simple comments are identified for standard answers.

Specific comments requiring technical or scientific input are identified.

Responses will be processed accordingly.

Post Moderation

Moderation of posts that violate regulations or terms of service.

Examples include social media sites, personal ads (e.g. room-share offers), comments on your brand’s digital channels.

Personnel Screening

Pre-employment screening and verification of former employment records:

- through background check services;

- through phone calls to former employers.

Data Management

Data Cleansing - including removal of duplicate entries, flagging of invalid entries, check for incomplete entries.

Data Enrichment - including research and annotation from external sources.

Data Classification - including identification of data types, grouping related items into categories, preparation for input to analysis tools.

Text Transcription

Input for text transcription can be scanned data in various formats - including PDF and Image Files.

Typical uses cases include Medical Records, Receipts, Invoices, Product Catalogs, Insurance Claims, Coupon Redemption, Subscription Requests, and Parking Tickets.

Audio Transcription

Typical uses cases for transcribing Audio Files into Digital Text include:

Law Enforcement - Dispatcher Communication, Interrogations, Patrol Reports.

Court Room - Case Proceedings.

Business - Meetings, Earnings & Analyst Calls, Seminars & Speeches.

Academic - Interviews for Research / Dissertations.

Image Tagging

Image tagging is typically used to embed title, description and keywords.

Tags are embedded into photos and video files using industry standard formats.

Photo Editing

Dedicated teams specialize in professional quality photo editing, including:

Object cropping

Image Retouching

Removing / changing the background

Editing shadows

Color and contrast enhancements


Finishing your thesis, a major paper, a book? Running out of time to organize/tidy footnotes, correct your bibliography? Our teams will:

Check quotes online for accuracy

Ensure bibliographic notes are tidied and accurately presented

Ensure footnotes are complete and accurately presented

Proof Table of Contents (pages, figures, tables, images) for accurate naming and numbering


User of Myheritage or Ancestry.com and overwhelmed by the number of matches? Our teams will help you:

Assess, accept/reject auto matches

Update missing information, correct spelling, add new information

Compare details in family trees, recommend which information to use

Collaborate with you on developing family trees, maps, integrating information from other family members