Delivering IT Efficiencies - With a Social Impact

$1 Trillion in aid money spent on development programs in Africa over the past 50 years has not proven to be the solution for poverty and has promoted continuing dependence. We think the private sector can provide a better solution.

Six Steps to Social Impact

We train educated young people in Kenya and Uganda to perform in a professional environment.

We provide a safe equal opportunity place to work.

We can often double a person's income.

Doubling the income allows workers to support up to 4 relatives.

Discretionary income flows into the community.

We continuously measure and report our social impact.

Our Mission

“Provide digital job opportunities to boost the socioeconomic power of the educated underemployed by harnessing their talent.”

Impact Sourcing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and UN SDGs

We provide an opportunity for you to meet your CSR or UN SDG obligations while saving money. Our services allow you to have tedious work completed by educated youths and women for less than you pay today. In East Africa young graduates are having a terrible time finding work. In today’s globally connected world we can tap into their knowledge, provide them meaningful employment, and allow them to stay near their families. As a Benefit Corporation we engage in socially responsible outsourcing - Impact Sourcing – by bringing education and employment to vulnerable populations.

We address SDGs 1 (poverty), 4 (education), 5 (gender equality), and 8 (decent work and economic growth). We are paying decent wages, we do provide a safe and secure gender neutral work space, training on ICT and professional working behavior, and for our clients we provide team management, continuity of work, quality control, on-shore support, risk mitigation, and follow-through. We measure our social impact and provide you with data suitable for your CSR report or formatted for UN SDG reporting.

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