Curating Sustainability and Responsible Investing


Sustainable Corporations

Corporations (companies, incorporated cities) are stepping up as key actors in improving sustainability. They consciously establish environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals as they work toward meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our team curates change management programs on behalf of our clients so that they can take full control of their impact, and develop supply chains and partnerships that are responsible, sustainable and inclusive.
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Smart Development

Sustainable Development and Smart Cities need to move toward Smart Development to build a livable and equitable world. CSRspace leverages globally shared tools, open data and experience to inform and support clients toward their own vision of a smart, sustainable and scalable future with locally appropriate development initiatives. As projects are designed, we strive to move from development aid to impact investing, replacing dependency on aid with self-sustaining entrepreneurial initiatives.
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Impact Investment

High Net Worth Individuals are no longer satisfied with looking for "alpha" - they want to invest in a better world. Many Family Offices are transitioning responsibility to a younger generation, who places a higher priority on Impact Investments. CSRspace assists these investors with ensuring the desired double (or triple) bottom line is met, without sacrificing one goal for the other.
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