South Africa and Ghana have established themselves as outsourcing destinations that compete successfully on a global scale. Egypt, Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco, Ghana and South Africa feature in the top 60 countries to place business services.

With Information and Communications Technology (ICT) becoming the catalyst for rapid GDP growth across the continent, other countries are following suit. Beside Kenya, we see that Uganda and Rwanda are betting on ICT4D as the game changer that will spread prosperity across their societies.

Emerging Outsourcing Destinations: Kenya and Uganda

Both countries have skilled people who need jobs

Destination Kenya

Kenya's Vision 2030 (source) targets a 10 percent GDP growth rate for Kenya. ICT is earmarked as the major driver. In the medium term ITO/BPO is expected to increase its contribution to the GDP by $300 million and create 7,500 new jobs for young professionals.

Destination Uganda

Uganda has highly educated people, and Makerere University is one of the best and oldest on the continent. Uganda has the world’s largest percentage of young people under 30 (source). Estimates are that over 40,000 Ugandans graduate annually from university. The market only provides 8,000 jobs a year.